Birth Preparation Guide


This guide will provide you with useful tools to achieve a positive and informed birth experience and great information about important postpartum topics about you and your baby.

  • This guide has been writing by a midwife to support you and provide you with the best tips to prepare yourself for a positive and informed birth experience.
  • This is 75 pages guide very easy to print if you wish.
  • The guide will help you to do a positive birth preparation during your pregnancy with of 20 steps.
  • The guide will also provide you with useful information from the recognition of labour signs to hypnobirthing techniques such a breathing techniques and visualisation.
  • The guide delights the most significant part of labour, different stages, and how to cope during each stage.
  • The guide has 10 printable positive statement to bring to the birth place or place them around your house to fill you with positivity and look forward to guide birth.
  • It will also provide you with tools to create a birth preferences document for a vaginal and a c-section birth.
  • The guide is very easy to read, has been designed to be enjoyable with some drawings, full of positivity and knowledge.