Bump to Baby

Welcome to the beginning of a positive birth experience and a successful breastfeeding journey.  

"Birth is the epicentre of women's power "

I have created a guide for you to help you get prepared and learn about birth in an enjoyable way, 75 pages of knowledge with an incredible price. You are going to love it!


"Pregnancy, birth and motherhood is a beautiful part of myself...''

Birth is something to be embraced with a positive attitude and an open heart.


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With you on every important journey!

Breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the earth.

That is the reason why we want to support you, to empower you and to offer you the best tools to have a successful and happy breastfeeding experience.

The live online breastfeeding class is presented to you by a midwife and mum to get you ready to enjoy this wonderful journey.

There will also be an E-book available in the coming days!

The beginning of a positive birth experience starts here